New Year’s News

What’s new in the world of magic?

  1. The book is out! Magic Lessons: Celebratory and Cautionary Tales about Life as a (Single, Gay, Transracially Adoptive) Dad is now available in paperback and e-book formats at all major online outlets. Based on material that originally appeared in this blog, Magic Lessons shares stories and reflections about family life for me, Joe—a single, gay, white man—and my adopted black sons, Daveon and Mark. For more details and ordering information …
  2. Check out my website! My author site,, has been updated and expanded, with more info to come regarding current and new writing projects, readings, and more. And as a companion to the book and site …
  3. The blog is back! Starting next week, Magic Life is relaunching as an interactive online community where prospective and current (alt-)parents can share stories, ask questions, and support one another in the never-dull, sometimes-harrowing world of raising our kids. For details, see How It Works.

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