Every family has a story. Very few have one like ours.

My name is Joe. I am single gay man, and for just about 12 years, I’ve had the great good fortune to be dad to Daveon, now 18, and Mark, now 16. Our decade+ together has been … wow … has it been.

Magic Life: Our First Dozen Years is a collection of stories: part memoir, part lessons learned. It includes everything from our first trip back east to meet dad’s family, to our strange but ongoing relationship with the Queen of England, to dad’s through-the-looking-glass experience of being a gay parent in a straight world. Along the way it touches on topics of race, single parenthood, sexuality, and issues particular to adoptive families, peppered with a few observations that apply to parenting in general.

Magic Life presents a balanced portrait of both our successes and challenges—with honest discussions of pains, struggles, and major mistakes. The tone overall is light and conversational, with many splashes of humor. In other words, an accurate reflection of life in our home.

I’m happy to share life with Daveon and Mark with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I (usually) do!


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Joe, it’s Laurence Pagnoni in NYC. My spouse, Wei Ng and I adopted two boys ages 13 and 14, Jose and Carlos about 18 months ago. Life is a roller-coaster so we look forward to reading your blog. I signed up. Chuck gives me news of you often.


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